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I Would We Were Changed To White Birds

£110.00 - £145.00
I Would We Were Changed To White Birds

I would that we were changed to white birds- W.B Yeats.
A beautiful Heirloom embroidery (5inch x 5 inch) in a white mount to fit a standard 8 inch x 8 inch frame.
Or can be displayed simply in its mount.

Available framed in a white mount in a white wooden frame ( custom made 🇬🇧) overall size 350 mm x350mm, with D-rings and cord to rear ready to hang.
****Please note there is no glazing, this is to allow you to observe the full beauty of the light and shadow and luminous quality of the thread .****

If your preference is to frame then I would recommend not having it glazed. This allows light and shadow to play on the texture of the stitching and enjoy the luminosity of the thread.
Each unique piece is made by me in my studio in the Scottish Highlands, hand painted on artist canvas before covering with millions of tiny stitches ,using the just the needle, guided by my hand on a domestic sewing machine.

Mount board to rear also. Signed on the reverse and protected by a cellophane envelope.